Bedroom size split system (2.5kw) supply and installed from $1150*

Lounge room size split system (6.5kw) supply and installed from $1900*


At Ice Cold Air Conditioning we only install brands that are trusted to deliver a quality product that is backed with 5 year warranty guarantee.

Split system wall hung units are a great way of cooling a particular room of your home or unit without the cost of spending money on a ducted system.

With todays technology inverter split system units are cheaper to run and also run at very low noise which is perfect when the outdoor unit is positioned near your bedroom.

Newer units are now fitted with the option of having a signal receiver installed in either the outdoor unit or the indoor unit, depending on the manufacturer. These receivers allow energex to alter the power output of your AC unit (Basically automatically putting the unit into economy mode) and this allows the power demand on the energex grid to be reduced which will help the supply to homes from being effected. As an incentive for customers to use these style split system units energex will give you rebate depending on the size of the unit installed.

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